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01.08.2013 , 08:32 PM | #570
The problem I have with the 'False Advertising' claims is that it is based on gear you 'might' get. There are many items that are available from the packs that don't appear on the pack art. I guess you go to third party sites to see what's in the packs and the chances you might have of getting them.

I think in this matter BW needs to be a bit more transparent. When you buy an equipment pack of armour it expands to show the individual items in the pack and lets you preview each piece and build up the whole set.

If BW listed all the potentially available items in a Cartel Pack this way then all this furore about how an item should look would never have happened. Despite having cover art that suggested a look it would have been easy to scan the items in the pack list and see that no item matched the cover art. At this point the player can chose not to buy the cartel pack.