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I'm quite sure. Come now, we should get going, we can talk about it on the way to my ship he said letting go of his sister and turning towards the hangar. Ravna began to follow him as did Merena one on each side of him. Well' you see... Rafeesh saved me... Merena took Ravna's pause to her advantage and chimed in Oh he did more than that! she said taunting Ravna, who had began to turn a deep red as she glared over at Merena. Hadock raised an eyebrow as the three continued walking forward smiling to himself.

Jotunheim had decided it was best to let the family have their bonding time and had went towards the hangar himself knowing his only way back was with Hadock, He was suprised to see amongst the bustling crew stood a Chiss an oddity for a Republic ship. He carefully moved through the bustling crew towards a daydreaming Nerken and propped up on the wall next to him. Odd to see another of my kind onboard a republic ship. he said trying to start a conversation. Nerken looked up nodding eyeing over the titanic man next to him. Sure is.What's your name friend?

Kregan looked over at Rafeesh Besides me? Merena. others may have their suspicions but they are uncertain. she said walking forward.