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01.08.2013 , 07:47 PM | #552
I've been away to blow up a few Dread Guard (yay, the shackle quest has been fixed and loads of mobs removed from Heroic 4) and gather my thoughts.

Underlying my indignation at the start was the sense of loss of time I'd invested into earning credits to purchase the items on the GTN. I've since come to realise this isn't the real issue I'm angry, after all I've happily spent 850K on pets I never have out.

No, the real reason I am angry at this change....

Finally I had a sexy, sleek, black leather Ninja Spy wannabe and you've taken it away!

Players care deeply about the look of their characters, I would have thought common sense would dictate preference should go to those who had spent resources to purchase the item and BIND it to them for the look. At no time was a player forced to bind the item to them having gained it from the Cartel Pack, they could to chose to sell it on the GTN and then wait for a new version of the gear to become available in a future cartel pack and buy that from the GTN with the coins they made from selling the first... I would imagine they would have made a fair profit. Last time I looked on Red Eclipse Revan Chestpieces were selling for ~75K while Phantom chestguard pre-change ~300k.

In time, a day or two at the most, I'll recoup the credit loss I incurred through this. What I really want is a set of sleek black armour with no addons and preferably not a skirt (Like posters before I elected to use the Spymaster leggings to get the complete Ninja Spy look).