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This is for the republic side. I have a level 50 Commando Trooper that is a healer, and various other characters ranging from levels 2-50. A friend of mine is also looking for a new guild. Looking for an stable guild that does ops. Due to time pretty much looking for between 7pm est to 11pm est or 9 to 11pm est. I am also working on a sage healer, and Smuggler healer. My smuggler healer is doing PVP my friend may make another character for PVP assuming she decides to try it.

Thank you
Carnage Gaming may be interested in taking you both aboard for our 16 man raiding team, we are currently 3/4 EC NiM in 16 man. We raid from 7:30-11pm EST on Tues-Thurs -- whisper Fuzzy in game or apply on our website: