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01.08.2013 , 06:25 PM | #10
Thanks for the advice folks.

On soloing heroics. I was doing okay until Nar Shadda. Then the difficulty took a spike. While working on L31 bonus quests one of the 2+ Heroics (L30 or 31) had a champion with 80,000 health.

I'd never seen mobs with that much health before Voss before. My gear isn't the best (half epics ratings 72-80), total health 9200. 43% damage reduction shield chance 26%, absorption 24%. Defense rating was only 8%.
Main weapon has a damage rating of 96 (legacy epic). But I figure I'm pretty decent for my level.

I popped my cooldowns and gave the mob a try (since I had 5 levels on him). The guy 2 shot me. Like shoot, stun, (break stun) stun again, shot again.

Going to try respec DPS and see if I fare any better.