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No. But there really is no way for BW to determine which CC's bought which pack that produced the gear. And let's be honest, it's only the chest piece, and b/c there is such an outcry over it I can see them releasing a BoP chest piece so that those that want the mistaken look can get it. Personally, the mistaken look is rather boring. I happen to like the new look. But I am of the mind that there are enough people who like the pre-fix look, so they should just release the BoP chest so that those that are screaming scam can shut up about it. Mistakes happen. Everywhere. I'm not saying that BW on the correct side of the mistake bar (they're not), but they went with what they heard the most, and that was fix it. I saw no where on the forums any topic for people who didn't want them to fix it.
If BW is scanning the forums for ideas and fixes to situations then that is why we have such a huge problem on this one. The reason you saw nothing from people who didn't want the armor changed is because these are the people who actually play the game, not try to become forum heros. I hardly ever come to these forums, but with this armor change, you will see me post repeatedly until they give us our old look back. There is no reasoning, no argument, or anything otherwise for them to completely scrap the old look.