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Having a continued NPC romance (or, an ally, for those not wanting to romance that individual) on a planet could help "overcome" the issues of obsolete planets.

You swing by, say, Alderaan for drinks with your friend/lover, they talk about how things are on Alderaan and you could get a mini quest chain in a new area. Open up the planet by having allies in other houses on other continents that you can visit and assist (or take advantage of their sumptuous bathing facilities), uncover new explorable areas, ancient ruins interesting to the Jedi and Sith, that sort of thing.

Would be interesting if, eventually, said NPC could become a companion on your ship, perhaps replacing another crew member. This could work particularly if you have a home base of sorts and you could send certain crew members to base to do things (like independent research to help the war effort, your class storyline, their personal storyline or random fun quests) and have a ship crew that's to hand when you're bouncing around the galaxy.

But that's getting a wee bit off topic.