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01.08.2013 , 05:31 PM | #5154
People, do me a favour.

I've posted a thread in the Suggestion forum, called "Suggestion for future romance content in SWTOR -> Separate it from class content" (link in sig).

I know this is not something everyone here diggs, but feel free to add your own suggestions to this thread, so that we can maybe send the link to that thread to Hall Hood for consideration.

I had to make the topic of the thread as poignant and confining as possible, so that trolls and people who post off-topic can easily be picked out, for instance those in favor of removing all romance from the game.

Gawd, after hours of working on that thing, I can hardly string a few more coherent sentences together. Sleep, I must. Have to get up at six a.m., oy vey.

Feel free to add stuff, or pick the post apart. As long as it's you guys, I trust you.