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As a JK you kill the voice of the emperor, as others have described it's simply a body/puppet the emperor possesses. He himself is safely away in an unknown planet far away.

When the Sith Warrior (SW) finishes he gets a mail that confirms this, the emperor's handlers are surprised that the JK was able to kill the voice of the emperor and it does delay the Emperor's plans but doesn't stop them.

Ironically the SW also gets to kill the Voice of the Emperor at one point lol. In that case the Emperor asks you too do so to free him from a trap.

So yeah the Sith Warrior gets to kill two Dark Council members and the Voice of the Emperor... the higher ups on their own side lol. But that's the Sith way. As others mention you do kill important Republic generals and what not as well.

The Sith are bred in a society to fight and kill eachother and the strongest and most clever survive, and the very best rise up. This allows the Sith to be immensely powerful though the same source of power cripples them as they do more damage to themselves than the Republic.