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Sorry Newer Mandos, but The Taung are just more awesome to me. Ironically, my BH is a Mando but only because he wants to honor The Taung he actually doesn't like the Newer Mandos. That isn't to say I hate the Newer Mandos....but The Taung are just better to me.
I couldnt agree more....Now my manda' lore is a bit sketchy.. were humans introduced to the mando Taung after proving themselves or was the bloodline of the Taung reduced through inter species breeding with humans over time much like the dark jedi with the native sith which resulted in the purebloods

I RP my BH's as purist's dedicating to the honor of the old Taung ways much like yourself, now because my mando' lore is sketchy, I rp that I dont like none human mando's and fully respect human ones more so.. (still show respect where its due to the none human ones who have proven themselves) I only ask regarding the breeding in anything as novels etc ive read or pictures ive seen of any Mandalorians after the Taung were always human/described human, its only since the SWTOR side of things that other species turned up as Mandalorians etc hence why I rp to showing more repspect to Human Mando's, any clarification on this wold be greatly appreciated