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Quote: Originally Posted by AmberGreen View Post
Hi everyone. I wanted to let you know that we will be deploying a fix for these issues in an upcoming patch. We appreciate your help as we were identifying a solution, and we've now added this to the Known Issues list. Thanks again!
Hey Amber never did answer the question about your last post in this thread namely:

"So was the company aware of issues on release - and did it anyway or the QA testing miss it?

Don't get me wrong either answer is frankly pathetic but while we're stick being "patient and understanding" about yet another advertised major feature that doesn't work properly some insight into the release philosophy would appreciated. Never know a well reasoned answer may reduce the amount of threads moaning about bugs and that possibility has got to justify the time taken for a forum post.

Doesn't it? "

And as it has now gone on the list of problems to be ignored (aka known issues) a response would be greatly appreciated.