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01.08.2013 , 03:27 PM | #4
I'm not exactly sure what difference it makes being left-handed....but I just wanted to point out that you CAN bind actions (spells) to keys. I can't login right now to get the exact location, but under Preferences there is a keybind tab. This allows you to change the hotkey for each box in your action bars to a keyboard or mouse button of your choice.

I keep my left hand on the keyboard and right hand on the mouse. I use the mouse for turning and they keyboard for movement and actions. I have my movement bound to ESF (forward, strafe left, strafe right), and my actions bound to all the keys around my left hand (qwrty, adgh, zxcvb) then I have shift+DFG if I still need more keybinds.

For lefties, I imagine you could simply reverse this (assuming you're using the mouse in your left hand with your right hand on the keyboard). Map your movement to IJL and map your actions to the keys that your right hand can comfortably reach.

Hope that helps!