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Twisted are recruiting a healer prefer Commando or Scoundral) and tank We have progress of 4/4 denova hm and 5/5 terror hm so we are looking for players who have similar progress to us, the average age in the guild is 30yrs old we are mainly english and swedish players. If you think you have what it takes to join twisted please apply to

Twisted is a guild formed by friends who met playing wow on silvermoon and are avid Star Wars fans. we are interested in PVE raiding and PVP. Social members / levellers will also be made to feel welcome here.

The nights we raid are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 19:00 uk time to 22:00 uk time we use teamspeak and expect players to be on teamspeak.

Our guild is keen to progress and experience end game content but still be able to have laughs along the way we are very much a family and have a over 18 policy as we are a mature guild some members have Twisted minds. We are part of Twisted Gaming a European gaming community. Current progress Terror from Beyond HM 5/5 Denova HM 4/4 EV Nightmare 5/5 KP Nightmare 5/5

We are only looking for committed players who can attend the 3 raids or participate in PVP. We are a small guild and don't want to over recruit we are not looking for players that just want to gear up and then be inactive until the next content comes out.

If you are interested in joining the team please feel free to contact:

Guildmaster Stellina

Assistant Guildmaster Aieox

Raid Officer Cegrild Shery'l
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