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01.08.2013 , 02:09 PM | #42
A couple tips that might hep you eek out a little more DPS:
1. As others have mentioned, try keeping mDPS on the boss at all times, let your rDPS take care of the adds and JM. This cuts down on your mDPS downtime since they don't have to switch targets.

2. Try bringing the JM over near the red pool (facing away) so that he gets smacked by AoE.

3. NOTE: never tried this part, so it's theoretical - After the adds are dead, drag the JM over near the boss and continue AoE. This can get a little tricky depending on the boss's location due to JM's knockback, but it should hypothetically allow for more DPS on the boss since you're not taking the time to focus fire the male. As long as the male is dead before the next pool there's no reason to take DPS from the boss to burn the male.