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This is my first attempt at writing rp so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Part 1 of the fight for Gav Daragon
The Fight for Belsavis

Belsavis is a world rich in recourses and holds many untold secrets. For this reason Imperial and Republic forces have been fighting for this world as if one side were to fully control this world they would gain an upper hand in the war.

Republic Fleet commander:
The Imperials are making a final push for Belsavis and several skirmishes have broken out across the world. The only hope for the Republic is if our most elite fighters duel the enemies commanders for control of Belsavis. Hopefully a new leader for republic forces will rise from the shadows of this war and bring the world of Belsavis back under Republic control.

The Dark Council to forces currently on Belsavis:
After our victories in the first wave of attacks the Republic are sending their best troops to kill our leaders. If we wish to gain complete control of Belsavis we must kill the commander of these would be assassins.Their commanderís identity is currently unknown so it is up to you to discover who is strongest amongst you and they then have to discover and kill this mysterious person. I do not have to remind you that the victor of Belsavivs will gain an upper hand in the greater war. -from Sharth (plz note that i am just copy and pasting this onto forums here fro those who dont bother to look at the enjin server website)