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Where were you guys when we were discussing how the items looked wrong before the patch?

I just hope this doesn't mean they will remove the fixed gear, can't stand the bodypaint look
The post apparently wasn't a prevalent as everyone seems to think. I don't get to check the forums very often, maybe once or twice a week if I am lucky. What free time I have to play on the computer is actually spent in game. I don't have a ton of free time. I NEVER saw a post discussing this problem or saw anything from Bioware about it being changed prior to today. I was linked to that post earlier today. Going by the date it was made, I was still screwed, because I had already bought the cartel packs (with real money) and obtained and bound my full spymaster set before that announcement.

If they had intended to make this change it needed to be shown somewhere that players can actually see it. Forums are NOT reliable for getting a lot of information out to majority of players, as it has been shown many times that for many games, it is only between 10-15% of the player population that actually visits forums regularly. This is why you normally see the important stuff like maintenance and patch notes on the launcher and not forums only.

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