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Please tell me where this announcement was made weeks ago - and it has to be a place where EVERYONE would see it, similarly to how they announced the speeder piloting blurb was incorrect and did not apply to an entire account. If it was NOT made in such a manner, and was only on the forum or dev tracker, then it is NOT an announcement that the majority of users will see. Less than 10% of any games population is likely to visit a forum EVER, so to only make announcements there, about items that cost real money, would be foolish, at best.

So no, we did not ALL know. Those who troll the forums were more likely to know, but even some of those didn't know as they liked the armor how it looked and did not seek out any threads pertaining to that armor.

That post was made on December 12 / 2012 -- almost a month ago. The dev tracker is easily accessible so there really isn't an excuse for ignorance.

Players were warned. They didn't heed it.

What I will give you, tho, is I would like to see some sort of compensation for purchases made before the post went up. But that's as far as I'll go.