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The trouble is, people interested in Cartel Packs and the possible images are more likely to be aware of any problems associated with such items. Having purchased a Cartel Pack to find the item is not the one they wanted they still have the option to leave it unbound and sell it on the GTN.

I don't go near the cartel packs, I don't like the odds on that kind of item acquisition. I had no idea the Phantom chest and gloves were supposed to look like the artwork on the cartel pack. I did however see that the models in preview mode looked nice and sleek, and importantly the object icon reflects this too. The Phantom Chestguard and Revan Chest plate are essentially the same hooded model now but the object icons are completely different.

I think the biggest problem I have is that a Cartel pack buyer, who gaining an item they didn't want (and this would probably account for most of the items gained) still had the choice to sell it on.

The GTN purchasers bought it at the time based on how it looked in the preview screens and have had no choice.
This. Exactly this.

Right or wrong, the items were rendered in the last patch the way they were. The people who bought them through the GTN (using the preview window) and equipped the items should not now be screwed because they didn't plan on the renderings being changed to "match the advertised piece."

Under the "it matches the advertisement" argument the change to spymaster is pointless, since it's not in the picture: So, how was that one not "as adverstised?"

Also, under this logic, be sure you don't equip the new Fancy Reveler Outfit, because it will certainly be changed soon since it doesn't match the "advertised set."
(To clarify, please note the "advertised set" does not have any red in it. So, I'm sure the Fancy Reveler Suit will be changed soon. )