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Quote: Originally Posted by Karaiblis View Post
That is shown on a man, I play a female, why should I assume it will look like a man in an advert on my female character? I check the gear prieview and see it looks good on a female, BUY! and later they change it, not right.
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I got it out of a pack that I paid real money for. I did not buy it off the GTN. So eat your hat, sir, for making flagrantly false statements.
If you actually bought it in a pack, then you did not know how it looked on females, because it is a random drop. You bough it because you liked how it looked on the ad showing a male character with it. Therefore you knew how it was supposed to look and that the way it looked was wrong. It has now been fixed and you got what you paid for.

it's like buying a toaster and accidentally getting a blender in a toaster box. Then when store asks you to exchange your blender for a toaster THAT YOU PAID FOR, you say oh, sorry I want that blender now...