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Yeah and many people bought packs hoping for what was advertised only to get flat, painted on armor. Bioware finally fixed the issue and gave the outfits some character and people complain....
I don't find it to have 'character'. I find it to be the same boring sith inquisitor outfit I got thrust upon me at almost every mission completion. If I wanted one of those, I'd have had one of those a million times over.

I liked it the way it was. And I PAID REAL MONEY for it to be the way it was.

And in no way did I ever say it needed to be changed back and screw those who paid money trying to get the way it looks now. In any post where I've mentioned it, I have clearly suggested that an exchange needed to be available to allow BOTH camps to have what they wanted. Exchange phantom chest for great phantom chest, exchange revan robe for greater revan robe, etc.