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Hi folks,

This change was unintentional and will be corrected in a future patch. Apologies for the inconvenience.
It was not unintentional as per your statement in the patchnotes:

"The appearance of the Phantom and Perceptor's armor now matches the appearance seen in the Cartel Market."

Furthermore you've stated that they should look like the pictures in the cartel market. Its saddening to see you making good on your word for the majority of people paying actual money to get what was advertised to later realize as soon as things get heated on the forums with all the babies crying its a breastfeed solution - silent the babies.

Such a horrible shame.

Edit: Would also like to add, this is nothing more than a screaming contest. You'd do whatever for whomever screams the loudest. Worrying, really, says a lot about the state of the game. Nevertheless, people who are honored by that you held your word and fixed this now instead of in 6 months as was expected (excuse the insult, just explaining the situation) wont come to the forums and thank you. They're in game enjoying the look they paid for - which appearently they wont get to keep.
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