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But that's the thing. You are NOT in the majority. It's just that people who actually like the changes don't visit the forum immediately to say "YAY!" - complainers are always a hell of a lot faster and more talkative.
Then the same can be said about the initial complainers that came to the forum to QQ (I don't believe it was QQ, as it was a legit complaint, just like this is now a legit complaint) about the armor not looking like a vague picture on the cartel pack. Those who liked them didn't even notice the cartel pack advertisement, but bought the item (or equipped it out of the box after purchase, as I did) and were happy. They didn't come to the forum to say 'thanks so much for the awesome armor'.

It works both ways, buddy.

And they NEED to cater to both sides and allow for an exchange of items (as well as any credits spent to augment the item you no longer want) so that everyone gets the item they paid real money for.