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So they should have told the people who paid cartel coins, that can be purchased with real money, for the look on the pack ad, too bad, instead of those who paid fake in game money?
I'm sure if you were interested in the specific look on the cartel pack you would have been more likely to know about the fact that the models didn't represent the art on the pack. You could have easily seen this by previewing the item and seeing this difference you'd have the choice not to equip the item and thus not bind it to your character. In fact you could place it on the GTN and sell it to those who did like the look.

No real loss here just a slight inconvenience. Players could redeem some of their loss by an ingame credit gain.

However, I came across the items mentioned only on the GTN as I don't tend to pay that much attention to cartel packs, contents or artwork. I previewed the items as they were on the GTN. I made sure they worked well together. ANd with those conditions met then I purchased the items and equiped them, thus binding them to my character and making them worthless to anyone else.

Reverting the model on this bound item has resulted in a real loss to me (about four hours play time on dailies to raise the in game cash).