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No I didn't.

What if that was another separate set in the pack? It's not like there is a list on the things I might find within, or a big sign upon it saying "THIS IS THE PHANTOM ROBE!"

What if I saw the Phantom chest wore by somoene else and decided to buy the pack? What if I bought it based on the preview window on GTN (with credits made by selling other stuff bought with real cash)?

And even then, how could I know it was going to be changed? Must I look at the forums every time I buy something to be sure?

What about the trailblazer set? How was I supposed to know?

Stop defending something that's indefensible.
That's your problem then because the cartel pack stock photo shows it's obviously incorrect. A bit of logic would tell you that it not reflecting what was in the stock photo was false advertising if they left it as is.