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Quote: Originally Posted by Malderak View Post
This is ridiculous and you know it.

So everytime I buy an item I have to search through all advert pictures and forums to make sure it is as intended and not going to be changed in the future?

Do you realize how stupid your statement is?
"Search through"? All you had to do was look at the damn picture. That should of been enough to at least guess that there's a high chance that it will be changed/fixed.
And stop babbling about spending real money. You bought the packs with money, not the respective armor sets. And I sure as hell hope that you didn't just buy the packs to get your hands on the Phantom pieces.

Quote: Originally Posted by Danbuterx View Post
hahaha! Don't hurt yourself twisting logic into pretzels trying to defend Bioware.
It's not twisted logic, it's common sense - an ability, which many here seem to seriously lack. And I'm not defending Bioware as they do screw up often but just not this time.