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01.08.2013 , 11:41 AM | #42
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This is a simple request. Please change the phantom chest guard back to what it was PRIOR to Jan 8, 2013. The revision looks terrible. This was a huge mistake. if it was "wrong" before, then return it to being "wrong". It looked fantastic before. It was lithe and stealthy, minimalistic and sleek. Now it looked ridiculous.

You Chose Poorly with the decision to change it (fix it, whatever).

return it to what it once was. undo the change. LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMER BASE AND DO THE RIGHT THING. Guaranteed there is NOT ONE PERSON who likes the change. Remove the shoulders/hood thing and put it back to how it was. Please!
They listened to their customer base when they fixed it in today's patch. If you didn't want them to fix it to correspond to the image shown on the Blockade Runner's Cartel Pack then you should have stated that weeks ago when the request to change it was made.