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01.08.2013 , 11:23 AM | #27
For my Jedi consular shadow I went to the GTN and purchased:
Phantom Headpiece ~ 250,000
Phantom Chestpiece ~ 300,000
Phantom Gloves ~ 50,000
Phantom Boots ~ 80,000
Spymaster Leggings ~ 80,000

A bit on the pricey side for a level 14 character but it gave a nice sleek, svelt look. One that I didn't mind parting with a sizable chunk of ingame currency as I'd just have to change the mods. Logged in today and found the chestpiece and gloves had been changed to look ridiculous.

I purchased these items off the GTN. I used the preview item to check the look as I was parting with two days worth of dailies cash (about four hours of gameplay). Even the icon of the gear resembled the look (ie no hood or wierd attachments)

I took every precaution to make sure I purchased items that I liked the look of and were indeed the correct items. I should not be penalised and end up with chestpieces and gloves that I dislike.

Best solution for Bioware would have been to leave the current items as they were, apologise that the Cartel Market graphics were off, introduce the correct graphic model as a new piece of gear.