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It's advertised by the preview that shows people exactly what it will look like on your character, dont be an idiot. You put things on in a dressing room and buy them based on what it looks like on you, that's the way clothes shopping works, ask your mom to take you next time she buys your clothes and you might get a clue.
Wow, taking reallife fashion into a conversation about armor sets in an online game. I can't really decide, so help me out for a sec - are you completely delusional or is this just you being an average moron?

When Bioware released the sets people were ************ all over the forum that the gear doesn't look like it does in the cartel pack pictures. Now they changed it to how it was supposed to look (which is what most wanted) and people are nitpicking again.
BW screwed up when they released the items with different looks in the first place but they stated that this would eventually be fixed. So no, I'm not an idiot - I can just think for myself and know what to expect and what not to.
Especially the phantom changes suck, yes, BUT they were to be expected. Again -> Period.