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I bought my peices, both outlaw and phantom guard from the gtn based on the look from the charatecr preview. I no longer own what i paid for. If bioiware screwd up they should have introduced the new versions as new sets and left the existing stuff alone.
This. The Phantom chestpiece was a very high seller on the GTN based on the looks it actually had in the preview window, NOT based on the very vague appearance it has on the advertisement.
I expect its value to drop to less than 30k in a matter of hours now, simply because it does NOT look good anymore.

The Revan and the Preceptor outfits both had some updates as well, but much less prominent and much less drastic.
My Smuggler will probably switch the Revan Robes for the Preceptor ones in a few levels, but if the Preceptor Robes hadn't been available, the Revan ones would've been acceptable still.

However, the Phantom Chestpiece? Really, DITCH THAT STOLA! It really changed the looks of the piece entirely and made it completely useless in every way. For those who really wanted that ugly thing around their chest, the "new look" should've been released as something like "Greater Phantom Chestpiece" or whatever. The overhaul is simply too great and uncalled for.
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