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01.08.2013 , 10:44 AM | #5
Yea, I am really quite unhappy about the changes. I was so glad to have the white armor for my agent, and to finally have an agent armor that didn't have that stupid skirt thing on the body that all the agent themed armor has, and they go and change it on me. I feel so gypped and screwed over. I didn't buy this set off of the GTN, I got every piece of it from buying cartel packs with real money. Really not cool what they did.

As for changing it to what it looked like on the pack, I could barely even SEE what it looked like on the pack. Using the preview function it was clear what it looked like, no one would be forced to buy it if they didn't like how it looked. They should have just changed the pack icon to match the old look and then added another set that looks like the new appearance instead of screwing over those who bought it based on what it looked like in preview. I can bet there are probably way more people who bought it based on its preview and actual appearance than people who didn't bother looking at the preview and bought it blindly based on icon appearance.

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