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I am so upset. Finally, FINALLY, Bioware gave us decent cat suites, one white and one black. I didn't care I had to pay real money for it, a lot of it since they came in packs, to get it, IT WAS WORTH IT!

Then after I pay my real money they add huge hideous shoulder pads, Ugly breast smooshing plating, heinous butt flaps, no more cat suites. I want my money back, I feel like I've been robbed with a bait and switch here. Why would BW do this with things people are spending real money for?

Why cant they fire their armor graphic designers and hire some real talent, this game has the unsexiest armor in any MMO I've ever played, and now they changed the two few exceptions to be just as bad after people paid real money for them.

I am so disappoint, I don't feel like playing or buying anything at all from the cartel this new release, even tho I usually spend 100$ or more per. Why would they cheat us this way?
They didn't "change" it. They fixed it. The original appearance did not look like advertised on the pack, so people were complaining about that. Now they fixed it so that it would match the ad on the pack.