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Three items I would suggest to spice up OPS:
  • Four man Mini-OPS - L2/L3 like HM LI with BETTER LOOT being dropped. I'm thinking Rakata Geared+ and you can take four good players into and walk out with say the final boss drops DREAD GLOVES or Hazmat Implant every time. (Lock it to ONCE per week ability to run this in order to prevent farming). I'd suggest something harder than the current Heroic 4 in Section X - Expanded to include another 2-3 bosses.
  • Ability to "OPT OUT" of resetting certain weekly OPS progress. IE: The group could "SAVE" the progress longer than a week and continue at the same point in time as stopped. Only way to do this would be the reset only happens when you pickup a quest maybe at the terminal. This helps those guilds trying to down all the content to finish all the content (But lose out on repeating the first few bosses each week). Using the same approach today that you have to acknowledge the group is further along... (you know..).
  • Speeder Stations! For example: Have an console in front of Kephes doors that once clicked takes the speeder to that location. (Add a nasty scanning droid to prevent a steathy from sneaking all the way to the item and skipping content. Option B would be to drop KEYS on trash to unlock that console and not have to clear trash again if you are required to RESET the phase - something that is really messed up when the game is glitched and required to do.)
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