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While I agree with the problem of people just running train on sorc targets I don't entirely agree. Sorc DPS has some of the best AOE pressure damage in the game. As well healing sorcs also have good output.

The problem of out terrible baseline talents is completely true however. Assassins have all the same abilities we have and then some. The only thing particularly unique the sorcerer class has baseline is static barrier, which is just there to help mitigate our already poor defenses
Some people must understand one basic thing before getting into a competitive PvP balance discussion.

Scoreboard numbers in PvP are an alienation of reality and more often than not they DO NOT represent PvP viability in any rate.

Any sorc can put out TREMENDOUS numbers by spamming affliction on the 8 players of the enemy team, they will look pretty damn good in scoreboard but they actually didnt helped their team to win at all because afflition adds up over time when spammed on multiple players but it doenst have any real impact on PvP.

Thus, just saying "sorc can put good numbers" means nothing if you dont put it into a PvP context.

Look at how a sage reacts to damage taken / death ratios especially when tunneled hardcore and compare it to a sawbones. Take a look at a healing sage TTK (it can be dropped like 2 times in a 4 second stun). Compare the uncounterability of spammable cockbang and godly hots from sawbones, nature swiftness of mandos with a sprint and a knockback from sages.

Everything we do is counterable, that might not account a lot for pugs, but i can guarantee it accounts a lot when you are playing a game that matters against good players. Since chain pull is so common in RWZs, especially because every rated team has AT LEAST 1 pyro and 1 shadow (thats 2 pulls, if not more) you are just getting chain pulled and killed faster than anything else.

And yeah, they can pull you 2 times and still hard stun you, or just chain pull you 3 times until resolve fills.

You really think numbers mean jack in PvP, all i can tell you is:

YO PVE, THAT WAY -------------------------->
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