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Okay! Let me get this straight. I'm your competition so you felt the need to necro a page 3 or 4 thread to call me out on missing sarcasm. Brilliant! Lucky for me most of my profits don't come from biochem. Have fun with your more reasonably priced implants. I'll continue to sell mine at my price and they will sell because they have stats people desire (power crit surge).

Overall, cool story bro. Keep trolling, it does wonders for you.
The post was a week old and these forums aren't exactly fast movers.. I hardly think that qualifies as a necro. I actually have no idea who you are in game, tbqh, so I didn't seek you out because you're my competition. But hey, I get it, nobody likes to feel dumb and I didn't exactly point it out in a nice way.

As to you having the stats people desire..I haven't played this game in 6 months but I'm fairly certain we all have the exact same schems so stat-wise none of us are special.
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