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01.08.2013 , 08:58 AM | #511
yeah, this thread is garbage. The only thing resolve works against now is getting blown back from the player. There are constant CC stuns one right after the other not to mention the absolute utter BS of force choke that does not respect resolve allowing not only the opponent to inflict huge damage but any other on the opposing team. There is also Master Strike; a very damaging move which grants immunity against CC. So when you have an OP flying monkey with neon di1d0s hit you with a considerable amount of damage that goes straight into Master Strike there is good chance that your blow back or CC is going to be wasted if used. So I guess the logical answer would be to CC after MS. Well then they get to use their Force Push move (whatever it is called) grounding u for a few seconds while they get to charge up to you for a massive blow. This is all garbage. The resolve system in this game is worthless