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01.08.2013 , 01:42 AM | #6
Hmm... in terms of threat generation, one of the best things to do is taunt at >3m. This increases your current threat by 130%. If you taunt at melee range, your threat will only go up by 110%.

Here is an example of a parse on Toth and Zorn HM:

286s into the Toth and Zorn Fight, (final boss switch)
Total threat = 1,005,219
Threat per second = 3515.

[use taunt at >3m]

287s into the Toth and Zorn Fight,
Total threat = 1,334,058
Threat per second = 4648.

Overall TPS - 4344

As the fight progresses the amount of threat generated every 15s from taunt also increases. I have yet to see a DPS hit for 300k in 2s