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No, KT didn't hate Jedi, she didn't even hate Mara. That's a misconception because she usually writes about Mandos instead. But she gets a bad rep for killing Mara. She was the one who suggested Mara be the one to die -- so she carried it out. Logical. Would Aaron Allston be getting the "Jedi hater" rep just because he focused on X-wing pilots, if he killed Mara. Cut KT some slack, eh?
It goes a little bit deeper than that, I think. An interesting interview:
Note she kinda sidesteps the question, but it ultimately comes down to a few points.

- She "doesn't hate Jedi", because if you hate fictional things, you're insane. Ok, sure, whatever.

- She says that essentially, Jedi must be accepted to be flawed and real people, not genetically gifted demigods incapable of immoral actions. Any reasonable person can accept this.

- Then she goes into this kinda weird thing where she says, in not so many words, that the acceptance of the clone army was the moral event horizon for the Jedi, and they basically compromised their morality there, and from what I can tell from her perspective, this mindset continues into the NJO era.

Traviss' rep as a Jedi hater came way before Mara was killed (which certainly didn't disprove the idea). People aren't offended on this end by her suggestion that Jedi aren't perfect (they aren't), but that she constantly shoves the Jedi aside in favor of her uber-OP Mandos and (not so OP) Republic commandos.

In the RC books, this kinda made sense, as there is a genuine argument to be made that the Jedi ****ed up majorly there on several levels, compromising their morality, and they were primarily dealing with weaker Jedi and stupid Jedi...essentially, the people you'd expect to not exactly be the ideal people to lead and fight, next to the Commandos. There was a reason for them to be awesome and righteous and the Jedi not.

But in her NJO books, this gets taken to a ludicrous extreme with how awesome the Mandos (clone expies, of course) are in comparison to the Jedi, who, under Luke have changed a lot in terms of their thinking and ideology to be less elitist. There's an argument to be made, certainly, over whether Luke's NJO would have accepted the clones had they been in charge back then. But suddenly, Traviss goes right back to the "Clones/Mandos are not just the equal of the Jedi but BETTER" school of thought: they have better armor, better training, better weapons, better vehicles...and other authors had to retcon this to make it more realistic.

This is the core of the objection - if this was just her RC series, it would make more sense, but her NJO books kinda prove that she does have, if anything, a pro-Mando/Clone bias that comes directly at the expense of the Jedi, which compromises the storytelling to a noticeable degree. Mara getting killed off was just another proof of that mindset.

And DON'T YOU DRAG ALLSTON INTO THIS! He's my favorite ever SW writer!
And yeah, he focuses a lot on X-Wing pilots, but it never feels like it comes at the expense of anyone else, like Traviss with the Jedi. Allston can write Jedi excellently, I think.