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If you look at a marauders baseline abilities you will notice that they have everything baseline, then they can spec in whatever they want.

If you look at our baseline abilities, you will notice that they arent much different from a shadows baseline abilities.

But wait, isnt shadow that melee class with acces to a tanky tree and skills like resilence and whatnot?

Yup. So all the baseline design philosofy is flawed, they give us almost the same abilities of a MELEE CLASS with TANKING TREE, and told us were suposed to survive with that.

Then they make it so our upper tree skills are either underwhelming or crap for PvP (slow AoE heal swag).

The result is most of the sorcs go hybrid and spread thin to improve our survivability and actually have a fighting chance.

Thats why sorc has been hybrid since day 1. Even when we werent sufficiently nerfed by scumbag devs everyone ran some kind of hybrid for PvP.

This is not just about numbers, like "sorc is weak because it hits low", well we DO hit low (lower than any other DPS and some tanks actually) but its a design stance that is flawed and rotten to the core.

Sorc is the class that:
- Has, hands down, the lowest survivability in the game, even if we have some half decent escape moves, they are all highly counterable, thats why any sorc is focus fire target number one on ANY CIRCUNSTANCE. If you have a healer and a dps sorc you can braindeadly train the sorc, it will take some time for him to blow his espace but after that hes dead meat, you dont even have to control the healer.

- Has, hands down, the weakest PvP burst in the game, while also having arguably very weak sustained pressure. For petes sake, CD + afflicition combo prolly ticks lower than a ptech plasma cell dot with lower uptime, im pretty sure plasma cell has like near 100% uptime.

- In the healing area, same as DPS, is the healer most vulnerable to braindead zerging. Can be dropped twice in the space of a 4 second stun, and, most important, when damaged has like minimal chances of recuperating. Sure we can move around a lot with force sprint but we cant heal while doing that. If you train a sawbones, he can quickly spam hots and cockpack on himself to recuperate, if you train a mando, he can pop shield and almost guarantee a big heal coming in, plus he has nature swiftness (makes **** insta cast). What the devs dont understand is that the sorc healer dont have how to recuperate from assaults so, no matter how good you are or how much you outplay your opponents youre not going to make it because you cant recuperate properly.

Healing sage motto: "Outplay everyone, die anyway".
While I agree with the problem of people just running train on sorc targets I don't entirely agree. Sorc DPS has some of the best AOE pressure damage in the game. As well healing sorcs also have good output.

The problem of out terrible baseline talents is completely true however. Assassins have all the same abilities we have and then some. The only thing particularly unique the sorcerer class has baseline is static barrier, which is just there to help mitigate our already poor defenses
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