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There's a couple of solutions to this issue.

1) As previously mentioned stack 3dps on Storm, this can be done in either two ways. The one already mentioned of taking Storm to 20% and then all dps on Fire or by getting a range dps on Fire who does 5-10 seconds worth of dps on Storm after every shield phase just to tip the balance. The first version will work on HM but not on NiM, the second will work on both.

2) You can slow the dps down slightly so that the second DD hits at a slightly higher % and you go into the shield phase as normal. The most obvious problem being that you are further weakening what is already a dps issue and make enraging more of a issue, though its possible.

3) When the second DD comes have the tank drop to the ground and stay there till the shield phase (will only be for about 5 secs normally). This will mean the lighting bubble hits the ground and not on the tank like you are experience. The tank must drop to the ground on the second DD though if he does not or goes to the ground and then back on the tank then the lighting will place itself on the tank as well.

All are viable though 1 or 3 are the better solutions with 3 working quite well once the tanks get used to dropping to the floor on the second DD. While these are all solutions to the problem you face I'd use the reprieve to do what a few others have suggested and look at ways of improving the dps.
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