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01.07.2013 , 11:17 PM | #39
For a Hub style Op with 6-7+ bosses., I rather we do not get an "option" to skip a boss OR for the bosses we get to be random e.g. Need to defeat 7 bosses from a pool of possible 10 bosses as this would then create too much randomness to the achievement as inevitably there will be some which are easier than others.

What could be a solution are that the bosses are not arrange sequentially but as a selection where the group can decide which boss to tackle first as this would remove some Luck/randomness and those less equip/prepare can also attempt the first couple of bosses with a clear aim to progress/achieve while the "raiders" can sink their teeth into something tougher as well.

Also, we're a year in maybe its time for a legendary or a new set bonus(es) gear.