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01.07.2013 , 10:23 PM | #101
Thanks for this guide! So my stats w/ fully min/maxed augmented war hero gear and an elite war hero belt, companion buffs and rakata might stim (oh and all datacrons but the +10 one), come out like the below and I'm concerned maybe I have to little Accuracy and Health. I still seem to do alright in WZ's though so no biggie but what's the general consensus on the below numbers:

STR 1737
PRE 405
AIM 84
CUN 84
ENDUR 1595
WILL 137
EXP 1298

Damage 949-1111
/sec 214-321
Bonus 624.8
Accuracy 94.6%
Crit 25.23%
Crit mult 78.80%
Heatlh 18634
Armor 3711
Damage Reduction 32.57%
Defense 5.0%

So what do you guys think?