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Kilikaa, we completely agree.
I mean, let's be realistic here: they've already done so much with Mara in the last few years - I think she may have gotten more time and character development in as a Force-ghost than Obi-Wan(probably), Anakin, or Yoda ever did. Zahn wants to write a new series about her, and he was originally planning it on not being a prequel, with her not dead. She's already gotten another prequel-ish book in that series' place.
They may as well just bring her back.
I would love a story written where she finds Jacen's Force ghost and kicks hiss arse over and over. Then Luke finds a way to bring her back to life. Maybe bring Jacen back just so the whole family can take turns beating the crap out of him again. lol Don't get me wrong, I loved Jacen too. Thought he made a great villian. But he deserves a series of beatings.