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I personally feel that endurance and secondary stats are equally valuable so I add up endurance and tanking stats on each mod/enhancement and take the highest total and use those. For mods this is typically the "B" mods.
This is what I do. I don't refer to mods as "high endurance/low endurance" - I call them "high willpower/low willpower". What do I need more willpower for anyways? I'll take the ones with the highest endurance + mitigation, which is the same as "low willpower".

Quote: Originally Posted by Darth_Dreselus View Post
If you really what higher HP get endurance augments but mitigation are better.
Endurance augments are the last place to look for more HP. Changing a "high willpower" mod for a "low willpower" mod gives you more points of endurance than you lost in mitigation.

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Even with 25k hp, it's going to take in excess of 10 seconds without any healing for a tank to die.
This is very much *not* true on 16-man. The difference in damage on large hitting attacks is usually 2x and sometimes almost 3x compared to 8-man. Time is often much more important on 16-man than efficiency. Even one or two seconds can be crucial.