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Sorry for the confusion that is the one i meant, the 14/27 spec,

I am running 27/14 at the moment and really liking it.

What i was asking was where do the dots come from on 14/27 considering it runs shadow tech? isn't force suppression wasted then? I could be wrong in the way i am understanding it here.
*I'm going to use assassin terminology for simplicity in this post. Convert to shadow terminology in your head while reading.*

It's always safe to assume that if you take the 2 points in madness that make lightning discharge instant, as well as the proc chance on raze, that you play the spec in lightning charge. The point on surging charge is a wasted point, but its the only way to get induction for maul crit multiplier. Duplicity, coupled with induction and unearthed knowledge can make for some nasty burst on maul crits.