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Mara's death, while the scene itself was bad, does make some sense. You have to realize that Jacen was trying to turn Ben to the Darkside. What better way than to kill his mother? It just so happens that Karen Traviss killed her off. KT hated Mara Jade, and Jedi as a wwhole. She didn't listen to the other authors.

Being a huge Mara Jade fan, I would hate it if they brought her back to life at this point. I would like to see her death scene re-written to give her a better, more fitting death. But since she is dead, and I hate saying this, she should remain dead. Bringing her back wpuld be a huge undertaking. How would it even be done? Luke would not want her to be cloned, so that would eliminate that idea.

Could just retcon it? But ya...I think its gone passed the point, am sure a lot of people would want her back but as it stands now...if she is things may need to be tweaked here and there.
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