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I think I need to clarify something since there appears to be a bit of confusion.

The Marauder in question was not needing it for the mods. He stated, quite plainly, his intent to sell the items he got. This was after he called me a tool for finally getting one piece, the Black Talon Juggernaught Shield Generator. 4-5 other pieces for Juggernaught had dropped prior to this point, and he had used need on them all.

As I said, in the past I've always done 'pass' on things not for my class, meaning specific equipment like 'Hunter's Gloves' or 'Mercenary's Greaves'. I'll roll greed for things like 'trandoshan boltplate greaves', but not anything that's class specific. To me, this is common courtesy.

Oh, and I'd like to say that I've had no problems before now, but since I resubbed (post-F2P), I've had three teams where I've had a douche bag who does that, none of them where I was group leader. In the case of this particular person, we were the only two in the group, and he'd invited me into the group. As such, I couldn't exactly initiate a 'vote' thing, since it was me, him, and our mutual Twi'leks. Two of those teams have happened since I posted the original point.

Anyways, hope I've cleared up some points. At this point, I try to be in a guild from now on, or I just do the flashpoints on my own much later so I can enjoy the storyline without having to space bar like some people want. I also queue for PVP solo, and since I tend to be a tank spec, I generally take guard duty. Now that I'm in higher levels on one character, I have him actively fighting as well rather than hanging back and guarding.

Honestly, I don't know if this guy was F2P or a sub. Maybe he started out F2P and then subbed. But I do know that there seems to be an increase. Its one of the reasons I avoid Heroics and flashpoints at the moment. Queuing solo on PVP allows me to do things as I prefer, whereas if I queued in groups I'd somehow be expected to lead, and I don't know enough about it to do that.

I have one character who I've done no heroics or FP on, and that's going to continue. I'll do FPs later on with him. Once I've got a good grounding of them on my own, maybe I'll do more group stuff.

If someone wants to know who I am and what server, and wants to partner with me on FPs, I'm open, but ONLY if you're going to be mature about it and are not in it solely for getting loot to sell. If you want to know that info, PM me. I've got two main characters, a SW and a JK.

Anyways, I might have sounded like I was ranting earlier in this post; if I did, I apologize. I've got a few other things I'm currently working through, including something to do with my financial future, which affects my irritation level.