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an OP were you had to fight the opposing faction.

Imagine you enter tomb of badaboom. The other faction got there first and have dug in. You need to take their position. Some massive gauntlet style thing with loads of inc soldiers of opposite faction and maybe even incoming paratroopers if you miss certain timers. When you take the hill or whatever the possition would be you got a chest.

Second encounter could be the other faction forward comand post. bit of scouts and guards trash leading up and in the comandpost would be a mix of the other faction. Generals and overseers or whatever. Think mandalorian raiders type fight.(think thatīs the one) They guard the entrence to the tomb.

Next fight would be a puzzle fight to open the tomb. and you could then add a few bosses in the tomb itself.

I know itīs not fighting any of the named faction leaders, but that would be asking to much i guess. Making generic fights with soldier opposition shouldnīt be that hard. just a namechange from republic soldier to imperial soldier and a change of armor. The fight itself would be the same. Give them a mix of imp and rep abilyties or some unique abilyties for this OP only. Thatīs not too important.