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At least Quinn wasn't stupid.
Major challenge for the man, but he made it.

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Omg, Quinn and Colrand...I just. My stomach in knots. Quinn saying something is an "unjust command." Only took you, what, seventeen years and a mind-controlled son to figure that out?!?!
This was the opportunity to do brutal poetic justice and have Quinn die at the hands of a loved one on his known-questionable superior's command. However, actually ending it that way would've needlessly brutalized a youngster for no reason other than to punish a guy who has already lost enough. The point's been made: love and will were already winning over command everywhere else. I decided not to drive it into the main offender's skull with a lightsaber.

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I didn't know what Quinn was going to do when I wrote him walking away. I had spent hours wondering. It felt false to the character to have him suddenly have a change of heart and begin tenderly ministering to his fellow sentient as a recognition of their I don't even know what. It felt senselessly awful for him to finish the murdering job. I gave serious thought to having Colrand just hit Quinn on the head really hard so I wouldn't have to think about it. Instead, Quinn, who must be as conflicted as I was, walked. Where? To the ship, nowhere else to go. That bit about fixing things if he must and not getting too choked up if they break while he's walking, that all developed after he stepped away.

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Doc, just for being un-BELIEVABLY awesome, I will someday make a jk that will want to stay with you rather than Scourge. Somehow. You deserve it, man.
I'm sure he'll put the "scum" back into "charming scum" as soon as he finds a girl who doesn't know him yet. But oh, when he's good, he's very very good.

"Forgiven. Anything else is your call."
This is a noncommittal way of saying "I am still hopelessly and completely yours, um, but I'm trying not to make this into a risk or a scary thing."

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..omg...they're all alive. <3 Bright!!! They're all alive!!! Yayyyy!!!!!
Honestly, Quinn was the only one who naturally strayed close to death, and his martyrdom would've felt too pat. I didn't like the idea. (For once!)

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Many favorites from this <3

once again GIRLFRIENDPOWER I don't even care Ruth and Gith! it's a thing in my head they will save the universe together.
It would be such a one-sided relationship. Both of them would be thinking really loudly about what god-awful personal messes the other is, but only Larr Gith would be saying it

…actually, no, I'm sure that after a wacky pilot episode something would happen that encourages Ruth to start shamelessly criticizing Larr Gith as well. They will become crime-fighting girlfriends and sitcom-worthily-awful girlfriends to their respective rakish beaux.

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mmm... Scourge.... So him. Exactly the delay he would not put up with and exactly what he would do. If you need someone for necessary backstabbing he's your man.
Get to the point, people I'm stuck working with, or I will get to it for you.

Doc whistled. "You carry this much synthplasma around in your field kit? Exactly how much bleeding goes on in your average workday?"

"Use it or don't," Quinn snapped. He returned to his pack, which beneath the two hastily thrown-in bags was immaculately organized, pulled out some supplies of his own, and turned his attention to Colrand.
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I love this almost as much as their encounter in NDOW:ComicCon.
Of all the companion crossovers I've written, NDOW Quinn/Doc is one of the ones I'm proudest of. (Fun fact, Pierce/Rusk in that same battle is another.) Those medic boys just…yeah. There's promise there.

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Oooooh just a 'soldier' now hmmm? Good Ruth ... smart Ruth... *pats Ruth* OW ok... I'll stop.
Ouch, thanks for the sympathy. Remind me not to call you in tears during my next breakup. :P

Her eyes stung. "Let's get you back to the ship," she said hoarsely. She scooped him up once more and let him drape his arms around her neck. "I love you," she said as she walked.

He rested his head on her shoulder. "Again."

"I love you. I love you, and I'm sorry."

"Just the first part."

"I love you," she repeated, and he didn't seem to get tired of it, all the way back to the ship.
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double d'aaaaaaaaw (also imagery of this is fantastic and only not absurd because BT1 )
yup This would've been more awkward if they weren't about 5'6" and 5'7" respectively, with him on the wiry side. He's still got muscle mass, but Ruth's all Force-strengthy; the awkward thing would've just been the bulk of him if he were much bigger than she is.

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And the best part? Quinn figures out how not to be a bastard and the person he saves? WYNSTON. <3

Great story, bright. Loved it top to bottom even though it stabbed me in the gut and made me angry on too many occasions to count.

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And no one died! I'm so disappointed!
*hem* Edit: Rocks fall, three randomly selected major characters die.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vesaniae View Post

...nah, just kidding.
Shoot! Too late

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Also, as others have noted, Quinn telling Cole that he didn't have to obey an unjust order was brilliantly appropriate. It did get me thinking again about the moral status of the sith warrior vs. Quinn. I know that trying to kill the woman you supposedly love because you've been ordered to do so is a big deal, but there are a number of things you have to do as a warrior to advance the story that are fairly despicable too. Even someone who went as light-sidey as the game allows can't avoid some really disgusting actions.
I've thought some about the question of when the Warrior really has a choice, both in game mechanics and out. When Baras grabs you by the scruff of the neck at the Academy? Not likely. You're in little to no position to argue. And he keeps an eye on you throughout your tasks. The only nice thing you get is that everyone knows you're Baras's enforcer; you're not surprising anybody or betraying their personal trust when you start swinging. You're stuck doing a whole lot of ugly things, and sometimes the best that can be said is that at least you never misrepresented it.

Quote: Originally Posted by Estelindis View Post

Sometimes I really like a happy ending.

So, ultimately, this story satisfied me very much.
I do like both those conditions! I was hoping I could work poor Ruth around to getting both. Glad you enjoyed!
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