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01.07.2013 , 05:39 PM | #336
That would be nice- frankly we just need what everyone else has- either some CC breaks/defensives and a perma snare and root at baseline- or, the pure builds buffed up and every tree having something along those lines.

I definitely think root immune on force speed needs to be baseline- it is already way too easy to shut down. Make fadeout give stun immunity- our lack of defensive means we must have better mobility than we currently do- meaning, our mobility has to work when we use it and not be so easy to counter. Thing is- if you CC force speed, you nullify it's effects entirely- for anyone with a defensive, CCing them through it might indeed waste it to a degree- but that defensive is still working through the stun or root- force speed is not, and that makes all the difference in the world.

Our mez should be baseline instant, I think the KB should be a baseline 2 second root on top of it- then have bindings increase it to be a 360 KB like it used to be, as well as adding 1 second/point to the root duration.

Force slow must last its cooldown, and I think should be our baseline root- 2 second root, 12 second snare. Or, make madness tree add a root to it, as well as extra snare time/damage. (or reduce CD)

DoT protection- can't say this one enough, Creeping Terror needs dot protection