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Don't fight on the ramp...

No problems = win

I have started reminding my groups of the issue every time we approach that area. So long as you do not fight on the ramp you are fine. but then you have the MORON who chooses to ignore my VERY clear warning, sets up on the ramp and instantly falls through.

I have never encountered the fall through when I get knocked back/down by the boss and I play a guardian tank. There was one time though that I got knocked through the console in the center of the platform and could no longer "see" the boss to hit it with anything. But i attributed that to my own stupidity and have avoided being backed up against that console ever since.

This is about common sense. Workarounds are part of computing. In this case, there is a perfectly acceptable and easily doable workaround, so the "bug" is de-prioritized. If you cannot accept that....too bad..